A crown (a.k.a. ‘cap’) is a full coverage restoration (i.e. provides a hat over the entire tooth). The strength, appearance, and integrity of the tooth are restored with a crown. Crowns are most useful to protect compromised (cracked or broken) teeth, to establish a more ideal shape or appearance to a tooth, or to correct a patient’s occlusion (‘bite’).

Crowns are most often recommended for:

• Posterior endodontically treated (‘Root Canaled’) teeth

• Heavily restored teeth (teeth with very large fillings)

• Heavily worn or broken teeth

• Anchor teeth (‘abutments’) for a partial denture

Materials for crowns have evolved so much in the past 10 years. Presently, all-porcelain or ceramic crowns are the most popular crowns. Full-metal (i.e. Gold) crowns still remain a great choice in areas of the mouth that are not seen when one smiles. Esthetics, longevity, and cost are all factors discussed with the patient prior to choosing the material for a specific crown.

Visit the Smile Gallery for multiple before and after photos of crowns.

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