Are you missing multiple teeth or a single tooth in the esthetic region??? Dentures are an affordable prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. It is inserted or removed as desired. Two different denture types exist: Acrylic Dentures and Cast Partial Dentures.

Acrylic dentures are an economic choice to replace any number of missing teeth in the mouth. Acrylic dentures rely on clasps or suction from the soft tissue of the mouth for retention. Acrylic dentures are good for patients missing all teeth in an arch or for patients who anticipate the future loss of a tooth. Acrylic dentures can easily have more prosthetic teeth added to them if another tooth is lost.

Cast partial dentures are a better fitting, longer lasting option for patients that are only missing some teeth. They are built upon a metal framework that provides a more stable fit by engaging the remaining teeth (Ďabutmentsí) using clasps and rests. It must be stressed that abutment teeth are the anchor teeth for the cast partial denture and therefore must be stable for a long lasting result.

Every patientís mouth is unique. Please call our office to book a consultation regarding dentures.

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