Fixed Bridge

A Fixed bridge is another alternative to replace missing teeth. The most important feature necessary for a fixed bridge is that the teeth on either side of the empty space must be stable. Simple crowns are prepared on these surrounding teeth to function as anchors or abutments. The fixed bridge is permanently cemented onto these prepared abutments with a fake tooth connected in the middle. Thus, a ‘link’ is created between two crowns by a prosthetic tooth.

A bridge provides many functions:

•It fills the void of missing teeth

•Prevents tipping or rotating of remaining teeth

•Maximizes chewing efficiency

•Improves speech and articulation

•Provides support to the face

Similar to crowns, various materials can be used to fabricate a fixed bridge. Esthetics, longevity and cost are all discussed with the patient prior to fabrication of a bridge and material choice.

The dental implant is the alternative to the fixed bridge.

Visit the Smile Gallery for before and after photos of a fixed bridge.

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