Teeth whitening is done at our office in a safe, non-toxic, effective manner. Whitening one’s teeth is a simple way to brighten your smile and to remove unsightly stains.

At our office we provide our patients with custom-fitted bleaching trays and professional bleaching solution (20%Carbamide Peroxide). A mould (impression) is made of your top and bottom teeth to fabricate these custom-fitted trays. A small amount of bleach solution is added to these trays and they are worn while sleeping for a period of 10-14 days. Results are often seen within a couple nights of wear.

Note: whitening does NOT alter the appearance of bonding, fillings and/or crowns. It is best to have an examination completed by your dentist to identify if you are an ideal candidate for whitening.

Please call our office in you have any questions or are interested in whitening your teeth.

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